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In July 2020 we began an audit of Ware's green spaces, formal and informal. Our first run at this is archived here; and our proposals on this have subsequently been refined in a continuing dialogue with our consultants.



  • That existing green spaces and community land should be protected from infill;

  • That the Plan should support a modal shift from cars to buses, cycles and walking;

  • That we should endorse East Herts District Council’s current strategy in the District Plan that all new homes built should exceed Building Regulations by at least 10% on energy efficiency, and EHDC’s desire to set further, more ambitious targets;

  • That all new housing and commercial buildings should be constructed with a “fabric first” approach. Wherever possible it should include solar panels for heating and electricity generation, and low-carbon heating methods such as air-source heat pumps (given that the Government intends to phase out gas-fired boilers in new builds by 2025);

  • That the Lee River Corridor should be protected and enhanced;

  • And that the Plan’s provisions should encourage responsible cycling – cycling routes should be developed wherever possible.


Revised Environmental draft, September 2020, including new policy proposals. Tap or click on the image to access the full document

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