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Ware's Green

and Open Spaces

The Environment and Leisure sections of our draft plan recognise the fundamental importance of protecting the town's green assets

In addition to formally-defined parks and gardens like the Priory Grounds and King George Playing Field, Ware features a rich diversity of informal breathing spaces, from the Post Wood at one end of the scale, right down to much smaller pockets of communal land in front of blocks of flats.

We believe that our Neighbourhood Plan can play an important role in protecting as many of these spaces, formal and informal, as is humanly possible - this green patchwork is absolutely fundamental to Ware's character; and as a community asset, it's hugely important to the health and well-being of the town's residents.

We hope you agree. So, what should be in our inventory of green spaces? You can access a comprehensive montage of pictures here or by clicking or tapping on the main image.

Anything we've missed? Please let us know via Facebook or Twitter or by using the contact form on this website. We'd love to hear your views...


Photographer: Julian Bond


Here's a map showing Ware's green spaces. Click or tap on the image to access a bigger version...

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