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Latest from our recent Zoom meeting

At a meeting on 10 November 2020, a draft Consultants Brief was reviewed and updated, including proposed project timescales, project management arrangements, and the tendering and selection process.

The document is now available to view here - or you can click or tap on the image below.

Why do we need to appoint a consultant?

It’s basically the next step as outlined under the Locality guidelines. There's a useful summary of the process here.

Our draft policy documents have evolved 

to reflect the full range of issues and concerns raised by the people of Ware in response to our online survey earlier this year – and we’ve been working to translate these aspirations and goals into crystal-clear and workable proposals.

A consultant will draft a formal Neighbourhood Plan in appropriate “Planner Speak” ready for consideration by the planning authorities.

We’re still aiming to have our Plan adopted in early 2022.

Thank you for your continued support – and we’d love to hear your views, whether via social media or directly via this site…

A People's Charter

Ware has embarked on a hugely important process... Producing a Neighbourhood Plan is vitally important for the future health, well-being and prosperity of our town - and if we get this right, it will be one of the most important civic documents produced in Ware's 2000+ year history. It effectively lays down a planning template for the future development of the town.

What's involved? Check out this video...

There's more detail about Neighbourhood Plans and how they work via "The Plan" tab on the main menu.


We're seeking to canvass as wide a range of opinions as possible - from individuals as well as community groups. Please use this site to make your views count.


So... what's covered?

Ware's Neighbourhood Plan will take effect within the blue boundary on the map here. Land earmarked for development to the north and east of the town lies outside the Ware Town Council boundary and is covered by a Masterplanning process led by East Herts District Council. But with a Neighbourhood Plan in place, the people of Ware can influence adjacent planning decisions that might have significant implications for the town - for instance, where issues like air pollution, road safety or traffic congestion may be in play.

This is important not just for you... but for your friends, your family and all future residents of our town.

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" A Neighbourhood Plan is written by the local community. That means the people who know and love the area can decide on the type of development they want in the places they want it..."

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