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Draft Plan wins Town Council backing 

At a meeting on 14 February, Ware Town Council voted to give our Draft Plan its seal of approval, subject to a number of minor amendments, additions and clarifications.


The Council resolved "to adopt the Neighbourhood Plan for regulation 14 consultation, with the feedback from the meeting included, with minor future amendments to be managed by the Clerk's Office..."


You can access a pdf of the full Council minutes, here


Regulation 14 refers to our statutory obligation, before submitting our proposal to East Herts District Council, to publish a Draft "in manner likely to bring it to the attention of people who live, work or carry on business in the neighbourhood area..."

We're now we're gearing up for this next phase of Public Consultation, paving the way for a town-wide Referendum early next year.


Meanwhile, we're also publishing a draft preface to the Plan. You can read it here.


What do you think? Does it pass muster? For instance, has "market town" become something of a misnomer in recent years? Would "historic market town" be more appropriate? Or has the time come to drop the whole market notion altogether?


Similarly, what do we feel about the "rural" word. Do we feel actually feel increasingly suburban these days? 

We'd love to hear what you think. You could drop us a line or take part in the debate on social media...

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