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OUR EMPLOYMENT POLICY PROPOSALS will aim to help in delivering the local economy gains that will accrue from people working closer to home. Support of fledgling businesses will create jobs. Reduced travel will deliver more leisure time, help local business and help the environment. We will seek to ensure that commercial “office” spaces feature strong design essentials, e.g. High Specification digital services - energy efficient spaces with flexibility at their heart.

  • The Plan should promote spaces which enable local working (a hybrid of working from home), economic spaces for SMEs, local workers but with communal facilities for sharing learning, training and networking among local businesses. This would enable the local FE college and other educational establishments to have a presence in the community.

  • The Plan should encourage and support collaborative working and creating a centre of excellence for digital and creative industries.

  • And it should promote diverse uses of the High Street, including retail, the service sector, leisure and commercial outreach.


Employment Feedback Summary - click on the image above to open a pdf of the full document

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